Display Racks, Tables and Shelving for Effective Merchandising



Display furniture for clothing merchandisingA good display will make all the difference in the world. Successful marketing begins with unique, attention-getting displays. It is important for a small merchandiser to have a unique theme or look to convert walk-bys into shoppers.

CDAidaho.com, known also as CDA Idaho Clothing Company, needed a custom display for clothing merchandising at Coeur d’Alene and other local pop-up events. They wanted their displays to be unique and creative – and they had a few ideas to start with. We built these first displays from old barn wood and they do look great. The rack is built from black iron pipe and the bottom shelf of the table is metal screening. They tell me they get a lot of comments about the furniture and they are a really big hit.

img_2108Here are a few more displays we have built for them: This first one is a converted locker and reclaimed wood table. The locker had a floor which was rusted through. We removed the rotten floor, ground out all the remaining rust and built a new wood floor. The table gives the lockers stability while in freestanding mode.

The locker generates a lot of interest. People like these old things. Inside the open shelves, CDA Idaho Clothing Company displays shirts and hats. The doors were removed to display merchandise effectively. The last door of the upper lockers was not removed as it can display stickers and sometimes it will host sign-up sheets. The table has a lower shelf used to hold overflow stock or hold displays of interest to draw attention.

As with all our reclaimed wood products, we apply three coats of clear acrylic to seal the old paints in. Here are a few more displays for CDA Idaho Clothing Company.




VinylFire.com needed a new reception area standing desk. We made a two-section unit from rough sawn lumber. They also needed a large workbench with lower shelving to hold sheet goods. This table is five feet wide and ten feet long. It is a killer. . .




Let Idaho Contractor know if we can help you develop a unique appearance that will draw prospective buyers to your merchandise. Feel free to send us an email via our contact page. Our shop is in Hayden but we service all North Idaho and Eastern Washington for furniture and displays.