Beautiful Black Walnut Entry Bench with Shoe Storage

black walnut entry bench

black walnut entry bench frontThis beautiful bench is sold but we can make you a custom one just like it. It is built from Black Walnut lumber and plywood. It measures 44 x 16.5 x 20.5 inches. It has plenty of cubicle storage for shoes and a large area for boots.

The wood is Black Walnut with stain and four coats clear acrylic. It has a very pleasing satin sheen and the acrylic will help protect it from everyday use. Built to last and pass on to your kids.

This is both practical and beautiful and will likely inspire comments of praise for your home. Priced at $620.00. Order yours now.

black walnut entry bench sideblack walnut entry bench topblack walnut entry bench front top

Fun and Beautiful Entry Shoe Bench

fun entry shoe bench

fun entry shoe benchThis bench is fun and it can come in a variety of colors to suit your style. This one shown is in 50s turquoise, distressed and finished with 4 coats clear satin acrylic.

It measures 42 x 17 x 20. The bench is comfortable for sitting and has plenty of storage below for shoes and boots.

This will be a practical accent for your entry, giving the look and feel of the fifties vintage in your home. Price is only $295 for this one or made to order.

fun entry shoe bench cornerfun entry shoe bench topfun entry shoe bench sidefun entry shoe bench rev top

Cedar Garden Table

cedar table length

cedar table sidecedar table lengthThis cedar work table is great for the garden or the BBQ. Can be used for potting plants, outdoor food service and many other uses for enjoying the great outdoors. (OK to use indoors).

Size is 49 x 27 x 36. Bottom shelf is 46.5 x 18. Can make custom configurations for you.

This is solid – not your average store-bought flimsy table. This is one that will hold up to a lot of use and abuse. All joints are screwed – no nails or staples. The legs are 3 inch square cedar lumber with tapered feet. Only $249.00.

Vintage Style Shiplap End Table

shiplap end table frontshiplap end table rearThis vintage style shiplap end table looks old but is new. Cabinet frame, door frames and drawer front are made from circle-cut Pine and Larch. The shiplap is pine. The drawer has full-extension hardware with soft close. Has storage area and drawer.

This cabinet or end table is perfect for home or office – OR it can be used as a merchandise display in your store. The table is finished on all sides so that it does not have to be set against a wall.

Paint and stain finish with 3 coats clear acrylic. Approx 35 x 25 x 32. Only $475.00.

We can build one like this in custom sizes and finishes for you.

shiplap end table drawershiplap end table topshiplap end table face

Picture Frames for Home or Work

We have available a multitude of picture frames – and we can do custom framing for you; from the rustic to the elegant. Great for framing pictures for your home or for displaying product information or promotions are your store. Most frames in stock are around $35.00 each but varies, and some have pictures and may cost more.

Merchandise Display Cart

Display Cart

Display CartDisplay Cart side-rearThis merchandise cart is attention getting and an attractive way to display your wares. Has three provincial style drawers permanently fixed to display merchandise and the distinct, claw-foot feet. Light black with turquoise colors, elegantly distressed for just the right look.

Each drawer is approx 32 x 15. The unit measures approx 32.5 x 27 x 39.5. Three dove-tailed drawers – finished all the way around with three coats clear acrylic. This is a one of a kind and only $350.00

Display Cart bottom cornerDisplay Cart drawer detailDisplay Cart corner detail

Mini Shelves – Display Anywhere

Mini Shelves assortment

Mini Shelves assortmentThese mini-shelves are delightful. They can be hung on a wall or set on a table or cupboard. 3.75 inches tall and deep. They come in an assortment of sizes and colors – but all are a bargain at only $15.00 each.

Mini Shelves

Cubicle Merchandise Display

Merchandise Cubicle

Merchandise CubicleMerchandise Cubicle backQuite an attractive display – looks old but is new. Perfect for clothing, hats or decor. Free-standing and finished all the way around. The rough-sawn top makes for a nice shelf for additional merchandise or signage.

Each cubicle is approx 12 x 12 inches and 14 inches deep. Overall dimensions approx 47 x 62 x 18.5 inches. Create an interest in your merchandise with this display. Only $625.00

Merchandise Cubicle topMerchandise Cubicle side

Clothing and Merchandise Display Table – SOLD BUT CAN BUILD FOR YOU

This radical table is approx 53 x 43 with top and bottom shelves. The posts stand at 70 inches high. The top shelf is 13 x 32; the bottom shelf is 38 x 31. The main table is 39 inches tall. Can be lowered 7 inches by removing the wheels.

This table will make an attractive retail display for product, books or clothing and is solid enough to use for a workbench. It has industrial quality wheels; distressed paint and three coats acrylic. Priced to sell your stuff at only $850.00 – SOLD BUT CAN BUILD FOR YOU.